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Studio Cassone was founded in 1981 to be the ideal reference partner for labour consulting and for the management of human resources. Founded by the labor consultant Giuseppe Cassone, over the years the firm has grown continually, focusing on quality and expanding more and more the services offered.

The evolution of the economic and legislative scenario is ongoing, so the labour consultant, expert within the Studio Cassone, always looking to the future to anticipate the times, working with a proactive attitude towards customers.

Studio Cassone can count on a team of top-tier and ongoing training consultants: each of them carrying a growth path aimed at increasing the knowledge related to the management of employees and labour law.

Our experts work to help the customers, in an organized and cooperative work environment, relying on tools of advanced technology. This also thanks to NewOrg.Net, a software house belonging to the Cassone group, which creates and develops solutions for the specific needs of the firm and of companies.

Being a labour consultant means working with passion, giving always value and pratical solutions. We strongly believe in team work to give the customer all the benefits provided by an optimal staff and personnel management.

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The effectiveness of the services we provide is guaranteed by the quality expressed in the daily exercise of the profession of labor consultant. “Quality”, for us, means, first “understanding continuosly customers’ expectations, promising directness, tranquillity and satisfaction.”

Studio Cassone’s labour consultants aware that the services of personnel management, pay roll processing, management of disputes and labour consulting in general, are delicate and demanding duties. The qualitative differences are perceived clearly and affect the medium to long term.

The attention and how we provide these services are what distinguishes our firm from the others, providing customers with knowledge and professional tools for the proper management of labor relations. This means finding the right solution for every problem concerning human resources, having special consideration for the economic and administrative sides and for those related to productivity. We are used to the complexity and reply quickly to customer requests.

In particular, the platform software made available to companies - as Cloud - is revolutionary for the branch, because it quickly allows the administration of resources, securely and without any errors.

In so doing, in the name of innovation and professional training, Studio Cassone has been growing over the years, counting today on more than 470 customers from various commercial and productive sectors, even beyond national borders.

The world of work is very complex in Italy, and the current economic and law system keeps on changing. Therefore labour consulting is a well-structured subject that requests practice, specialization and flexibility. This is the reason why a good labour consultant must have a thorough knowledge of human resources and must be always up-to-date.

The qualifications inside the Studio Cassone allow the professional consultant to provide high quality solutions in terms of time, precision and cost savings. Through our areas of intervention, we give qualified support both to SMEs who want to outsource the management of employees, and to large companies who have their own personnel department.

We enforce the profession of consultant with the knowledge to play a key role in supporting customers, who have to respond quickly and efficiently to the challenges of the market. Therefore, our solutions are modelled according to the situation that the company is experiencing: solutions for competitiveness, anti - crisis solutions and others focused on suitable internal reorganization.

In this historical time companies can not improvise or run high risks.

Making the right choices (for example through proper personnel management and through employees monitoring) can bring benefits, also unexpected ones. Because of this, it’s necessary a professional partner for labour advisory, who can provide added value with its services, paving the way for business growth.