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Payroll and Contributions Processing

We guarantee certainty and quality in the services provided and in the collaboration between our firm and your company.

Over 40 years of expertise
at your service

Our comprehensive and innovative payroll service and contributions management system make all the difference. Specifically created for our clients, our Customer Suite is an innovative online platform that’s simple, immediate and free to use.


Accessible at any time of the day and from any device, the platform keeps everything under control and includes all the services needed for effective communication and collaboration with our firm.

Eliminating the time spent on entering and managing employee attendance is now possible thanks to the online portal, created and developed by, which we offer for free to our clients.

An online service, extremely easy to use and designed to help avoid mistakes, as all data is automatically pre-filled.

The administrative manager only needs to check the pre-loaded online attendance data, enter absences and any other possible changes, and automatically, a notification will be sent to the firm for payroll processing.

Rely on our professionals to receive quick answers and innovative solutions to seemingly impossible situations.

Finally, you can simplify the payroll distribution process. Our service gives you the certainty of fulfilling employee delivery and receipt obligations, helping you save time and costs with just one click!


Completely eliminate all printing, enveloping, and distribution activities, either via email or hand, with the employee acknowledgement signature.